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Benefits of custom 211s
Add agency sites or minisites to your 211 website.
Custom 211s include more topics and subtopics than iCarol PRD template sites (see below).
Add text, images, videos, or alerts to FLEXIBLE category pages.

Custom 211 Search Options

  1. Browse popular topics; important categories are layered over the AIRS taxonomy to provide quick access
  2. Browse ALL topics, a comprehensive listing based on AIRS taxonomy
  3. Search box options—search is more relevant and focused
    • Search any word, not limited to iCarol default keywords
      • iCarol PRD templates use an "auto-complete" search box—restricting a visitors’ search choices to iCarol keywords. Popular searches may not be included.
    • Recommended categories provide more options (connects visitors to the best taxonomy category for their search)
    • Add "invisible" keyword phrases to your agency and program descriptions in your iCarol database for more accurate searches (different from iCarol search hints)
    • Filter results by zip code, category, county
  4. Browse by county, click on county map
  5. Cross-reference of categories (no cross-referencing in overly-simplified iCarol PRD)
  6. Search results summaries, easy for users to scan
  7. No search or traffic quotas—no unexpected charges for exceeding the iCarol API monthly allotment of transactions.
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iCarol PRD Custom 211s include more topics, subtopics
We can build your category, topics, subtopics exactly to your needs—you are not limited to using the AIRS taxonomy in iCarol. The iCarol PRD template (left) is restricted to broad keyword topics and there are no subtopics. The template does not cross-reference categories.

Custom 211 website resources (below) can use any text and categories are cross-referenced.

Custom 211s include more topics, subtopics

Add images, videos, text,
alerts to your category pages
Add images, videos, text, or alerts to your category pages.

Beautiful resource pages
formatted to your exact specifications

Beautiful resource pages formatted to your exact specifications.

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