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211 sites
Our flexible, custom 211 website design gives you choice—there are no iCarol PRD template constraints.
View our live sites below. Benefits include
  • Add agency sites or minisites
  • You select your own categories, topics, and granular subtopics resources without limitations
  • Flexible, user-friendly resource pages that are formatted to your needs
  • Better, more relevant search resources with summaries so visitors can find a match without having to click every link
  • Separate desktop and mobile 211 website versions to give users the best experience
  • Our typical turn-around time for custom 211 website development is 2 months
  • More benefits of our custom 211 websites
  • Compare custom 211s to iCarol PRD templates with a default API

Add as many agency sites or minisites as you like.
Help Me Grow agency site   https://www.211cny.com/helpmegrow/index.shtml
Part of 211CNY   https://211cny.com/

211 Life Line

211 LIFE LINE   https://211lifeline.org

A "one size fits all" responsive website template may sound appealing, however, it typically is not user-friendly for either desktop or mobile users.

User-friendy resource page

Resource pages are flexible and can be formatted to your specifications.

Search results

San Francisco resources

Our 211 professional designs are customized to your needs for a unique, compelling look.
Compare with ready-made templates that look the same and are repeated on thousands of sites.
San Francisco Resource Connect   http://sfresourceconnect.org/

211 CNY Disability

211CNY Disability   https://211cnydisability.com

In development

Contact Judith Snyder customwebhelp@gmail.com

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