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Featuring Custom 211 Software for iCarol API Integration with AIRS Taxonomy for your Resources



  • User-Friendly Search using your Keywords with more Browsing Resource Options
    Our 211 software works with your existing 211 iCarol crisis & referral helpline software. Your search results will be more relevant and focused than typical search software. Search options include
    1. text search goes beyond iCarol default keyword search
    2. selected popular topics
    3. browse all topics
    4. recommended categories
    5. zip, county, and category filters
  • No Search or Traffic Quotas
    There are no traffic or search allotments with our 211 software so you will not have any unexpected charges for exceeding the iCarol API monthly allotment of transactions.

  • All Topics: browse a comprehensive listing based on AIRS taxonomy
  • Popular Topics: browse your selected topics
    • Your area’s most important categories are layered over the AIRS taxonomy to provide quick assess for your visitors
  • County: browse resources serving selected counties
  • Search Box: search keywords with additional options
    • Search words are not limited to AIRS taxonomy
    • Recommended categories connects visitors to the best taxonomy category for their search
    • Ability to add keyword phrases to your agency and program descriptions in your iCarol database for more accurate searches (different from search hints field)
    • Name matches
    • Filtering by zip code & distance, by category, serving residents by county

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Side by Side Comparison
Our Custom 211 Directory Site Versus iCarol Default/Template API

211 Custom Sites iCarol API
No monthly limit on search and traffic beyond the 50GB hosting traffic limit. The 211 Resource Directory technology does not limit you to the iCarol monthly allotment. This is especially important in larger metropolitan areas and even small communities can be affected (ask us how).
Custom 211 Directory
Monthly allotment for traffic and search. If search queries and traffic exceed the iCarol monthly allotment, there are additional charges that may be unexpected and exceed your budget.
iCarol Template API
Visitors can enter any search term to search all agency and program descriptions, providing more search flexibility.
Custom 211 Directory
Visitors may have to enter AIRS search terms in an auto-complete search box—restricting their search choices.
iCarol Template API
Browse all topics or popular topics in the AIRS taxonomy. Many visitors have difficulty with relevant search keywords—it is easier to browse a list and more inclusive for those with language limitations.
Custom 211 Directory
No browsing of topics
iCarol Template API
Results with summaries making it easy to scan for the best match.
Custom 211 Directory
Results may only display agency names requiring visitors to click on each individual link to see if it is relevant for them.
iCarol Template API
Popular topics and searches include more resources due to additional category information added to AIRS taxonomy.
Custom 211 Directory
Popular topics and searches may or may not be included and only display resources based on AIRS taxonomy.
iCarol Template API
Ability to add "invisible" keyword phrases to agency and program descriptions providing more relevant search results without sacrificing the readability of the description text and with no practical limit on how many extra keywords or phrases can be added.
Custom 211 Directory
iCarol search hints is awkward to use for more than a small handful of words and phrases, and the API breaks the phrases up into separate words, limiting meaning.
iCarol Template API
Options when there are no search results, a visitor can click on recommended categories.
Custom 211 Directory
When there are no search results, a visitor may not be given any options.
iCarol Template API
Filter by zip code correctly narrows relevant results including results which are geographically independent.
Custom 211 Directory
Filter by zip code location may not sort by relevancy but rather by distance. Many results may not be relevant and resources which are headquartered nationally will be at the very end of the results.
iCarol Template API
When searching a common word, visitors will get relevant results.
Custom 211 Directory
When searching a common word, visitors may get a long, cumbersome list of results.
iCarol Template API
Fast load time, search results load very quickly and are not susceptible to short-term server load issues at iCarol.
Custom 211 Directory
Load time often slower, the iCarol API interface can take longer to load as each request must wait for the API request to complete and relay it to the visitor.
iCarol Template API
Security certificates. We can provide security certificates (SSL) to protect the privacy of people using the site. If not secured, anyone who shares the same network in a coffee shop or hotel can see exactly what someone is searching for and what resources they look at.
Custom 211 Directory
May or may not have security.
iCarol Template API

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